How To Be A Better Parent All The Time At Everything

Loved this post. Hope you will too. Wish I’d read it twenty years ago!

How to be a better parent all the time at everything?? You can’t. The end.

Jess Basson

Dear Parent,

You’re probably thirty-something. You probably have a child or two under the age of four. You never knew you could feel SO MUCH LOVE, but you also never knew it was going to be THIS HARD. There are moments of sheer delight, but they’re often separated by long, mundane hours that range from busy to infuriating.

You feel guilty that you miss your pre-parent life. You wish you never lost your temper as often as you do. You know your spouse is supposed to be on the same team as you but often they feel like The Enemy.

But most of all, there is this nagging suspicion that you are messing it up.

mugIt being Parenthood, Your Child, Marriage, Life.

You used to feel like someone who could manage stress, who knew how to handle, who had a game plan. But between discipline and diet, health and safety, tantrums and tired…

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  1. greggsema
    May 31, 2015 @ 04:18:53

    Thanks, honey.




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